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Data Backup Service

How online data backup works

Step One - Install

A small program is installed on the computer or server that you wish to backup. This process is simple and only takes a few moments.

Step Two - Configure

The software is then configured to backup your chosen files at a particular time each day.

The backup software examines each file and backs up new or changed files to the backup server. The program encrypts and compresses the data before it is sent to the backup vault in Digiweb, Blanchardstown. The data is encrypted using 128 bit AES encryption and sent using Secure Socket Layers via standard internet connection.

When your data reaches our data servers it is stored on disk using 256 bit AES encryption. The data is replicated to another disk. Another copy of the data is then replicated to another data centre at Cable & Wireless, Dublin 17, for full redundancy. The client software creates the encryption key so that even we cannot view your information - it is only viewable by you. In the event of a disaster your information is fully recoverable by running the software in restore mode.