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The problem with Traditional Backups

Most businesses have a backup policy of sorts, but many have none at all. Those that do implement a backup plan often use traditional and manual backup processes such as backup to tape, external drives or optical media such as DVD or CD.  The manual nature of these backup processes mean that they are time consuming and rely 100% on staff to complete the backups, cycle the backup media and try ensure that the backup has actually performed.

Traditional backup methods are unsuitable as they are human error prone, very time consuming, involved hidden costs and in the end the backups are still stored onsite - This leads to inadequate backups on media that is often unusable when needed.

Our offsite backup system eradicates traditional backup problems and offers an affordable backup solution.
Importantly our backup offers the peace of mind that data is being backed up securely and automatically - set it and forget it.  In a disaster, data is quickly restorable anytime. Backups are fail-safe.

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